Bringing physical assets to web3.

Infrastructure to tokenize physical assets into the blockchain.

World Economic Forum

10% of global GDP will be tokenized by 2027.

Easily create and manage physically-backed tokens (PBT).

• PBT are “Digital Twin's”: the virtual representations of physical assets on a blockchain.

• Our platform is the best way to mint and manage both fungible (FT) and non fungible (NFT) physically-backed tokens (PBT).

• The PBT acts as a voucher to redeem the underlying physical assets.

End-to-end logistics for web3.

• We provide an “asset light” logistics model that integrates our partners infrastructure and a variety of IoT devices which monitor the assets being tokenized 24/7.

• The purpose is to verify that the 1-1 relation between the token and the physical asset remains until redemption.

• Users can burn their tokens on our platform to redeem the underlying asset. When needed, our partners ship the corresponding physical assets globally.

Our partners


Every physical asset can be tokenized.

• From wines to gold, collectibles and grains, we count on a flexible infrastructure to tokenize a large variety of physical assets.

Looking at the metaverse

Metaverse will be worth $13 trillion and involve 5 billion users by 2030.

Marketplace + DeFi + Metaverse.

• We are building a marketplace for PBT.

• Integrations with decentralized finance (DeFi) protocols will allow the use of PBT as collateral. This will provide DeFi with connections to real economy.

• Our users will be able to display their tokens in Metaverses. Acording to Bloomberg: "Metaverse may be $800 B market by 2024". To reach this goal metaverses economy will need relations with physical assets. Bircle will make it possible.

Built on


Augmented reality PBT experience.

• When needed, we create a 3D representation of the physical asset. This is the first step for metaverses integrations.


A new concept for secure, compliant, and cost efficient physical assets ownership.

Liquidity, efficiency and operational simplicity

Remove asset trading friction and fees with PBT.
This means no more:
Unnecessary shipping & packaging.
Bureaucracy and 3rd party intermediaries.
Customs & taxes.
Ecological footprint due to less unnecessary transport.
Yor are able to:
Own variety of assets without need to store them.
Redeem them whenever you want.

Immediacy and Accessibility

Tokens are instantly tradable across continents and enable access to global marketplaces plus the possibility of 24/7 trading.

Transparency, authenticity and traceability

We provide the ability to verify the 1-1 relation between tokens and physical assets remains and give automatic authenticity verification on the blockchain at every transaction, no third party fees.

Security and immutability

Blockchain provides proof of authenticity, ownership and existence of the PBT in an immutable way.

Physical-Digital property

Tokenization creates the possibility to bring physical assets access to the digital world. Enabling their use in DeFi as collateral, closing the gap between the physical and digital economy. Also provides the possibility to visualize real assets at metaverses.


Our solutions are built to comply with regulations.